Your executives are targeted by cybercriminals for the information they poses, level of access, authority and influence they possess within your organization. On corporate devices, these executives are protected by your organization’s information security team.

However, executives are always working, which inevitably means they are conducting business from their homes and personal devices which are vulnerable to attack. They may also reuse personal passwords in the corporate environment.

The easiest way into your organization is by compromising a member your executive team and hacking them in their personal life. A breach not only has financial implications, but also reputational, compliance, legal, and operational consequences, and even cause an organization to ceases to exist.

Cyber Concierge Protects Many C-Suite Executives

Cyber Concierge protects the C-Suite and executive teams across all industries including finance, banking, defense, retail, logistics etc. It goes above and beyond identity monitoring by actually preventing the breach of corporate executives in the first place. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals, provides a bespoke concierge package to our customers that utilizes enterprise-grade cybersecurity software and tools that are commensurate with their digital risk profile.

Where your organization cannot protect and monitor your executives in their homes and on personal devices due, Cyber Concierge closes that gap and ensures your executives and their families are protected from cyber threats that can serve as potential points of compromise into the executive’s company.

Cyber Concierge Prevents the C-Suite Breach

Persons who are protected by Cyber Concierge are less likely to be the point of compromise from phishing emails and other malicious cyber attacks. Cyber Concierge hardens your executive’s’ cybersecurity and privacy, continuously monitors for suspicious behavior on their personal networks and devices, and prevents the hack from ever occurring or impacting the company.

Bring in Cyber Concierge To Address the Breach and Beyond

As a part of remediating a corporate data breach, Cyber Concierge provides executive teams with advisory services to ensure that the executive was not the source of the attack and does not become a vulnerable point in the future.

Let Cyber Concierge be the cybersecurity protection for your executives to ensure they are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can focus on securing your organization. Connect with us today to explore the C-Level Executive coverage options available for your C-Suite.