As family offices and private wealth advisors, your ultra wealthy clients come to you to protect and grow their wealth. While you are managing their financial investments, who is protecting and investing in their digital footprint? Because of their status, your clients are at an increased risk of cyber attacks (i.e. ransomware, financial account takeover, etc.).

Cyber criminals will take advantage of the vulnerabilities that exist within your clients’ home and on their personal devices to accomplish this. High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) also tend to be people of status, and cyber criminals do not hesitate to tarnish and even potentially destroy an individual’s or family’s reputation. Partner with Cyber Concierge and let us protect your clients against the cyber threats that pose a risk to their wealth and reputation.

What Does Cyber Concierge Do?

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals provides a bespoke concierge package that utilizes enterprise-grade cybersecurity software and tools (not available to the average consumer) that are commensurate with your clients’ digital risk profile. And we do so in a way that is unobtrusive to your clients’ privacy. Cyber Concierge ensures its customers not only have top-grade software protection, but we keep our clients educated about the ever-evolving cyber threats that specifically target them.

Enlist Cyber Concierge Services to Protect Your Client From a Breach

Persons who are protected by Cyber Concierge are less likely to be the point of compromise from phishing emails and other malicious cyber attacks. Cyber Concierge hardens your clients’ security and privacy on the front end and continuously monitors for suspicious behavior on your clients’ home networks and personal devices. We also keep your clients abreast of the latest scams and attacks, so your clients can be armed with that knowledge and not be caught off guard.

Enlist Cyber Concierge Services to Remediate and Protect Your Client After a Breach

Those impacted by a breach can be rest assured that Cyber Concierge will remove all threats that resulted in the breach in the first place. Furthermore, Cyber Concierge will implement controls on your clients’ home networks and personal devices to prevent future breaches and ensure your clients’ privacy and data are never hacked again.

With Cyber Concierge, your clients’ digital footprint will be monitored and protected from cybercriminals at all times. Contact Cyber Concierge today and see how we may be able to assist you and your clients.